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Shirley Grimes

Live performance has always been the reason I do what I do. Join me at one of the following…. Shirley Grimes

Upcoming Gigs

Are you scared of singing?
Does the thought of public speaking make you want to disappear?
Are you a professional singer who has lost the joy of singing?
Is singing something you have always wanted to do but are almost ashamed to try?
Are you pretty sure you can’t sing but would love to do so?
Would you like to finally begin to “like” the sound of your own voice?
Would you just simply love to sing in the shower and hum along to a song on the radio even if there are people close by?
Have you sang in choirs but would like to sing alone?

Singer's  Choice

My musical journey has been a colourful one. Have a listen to some of the songs that I have released over the years…


I don’t know about you, but I love to watch musicians in action.

Find a few of the clips (professional and otherwise) that have been made down through the years…


Over the past few years, Theater Rigiblick has provided me with a space in which I can slip in to lots of different roles and sing songs from some of the artists I love and/or admire. From Jefferson Airplanes Psychedelic “White Rabbit” to Bob Dylans “Make you feel my love”. Join me and a wonderful selection of singers and musicians as we guide you through the musical stories of some of the world’s most renowned artists.

Theater Rigiblick

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