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Hello and welcome to my homepage!! I have lots of interesting projects coming up over the coming months. Amongst them is the Bob Dylan Tribute in Theater Rigiblick, Zurich with Lukas Langenegger, Tobias Carshey, Büne Huber and Daniel Rohr. We have several evenings planned but the first three evenings are totally sold out so get your tickets for our autumn shows now!

In June and July I will be sharing the stage three times with Tinu Heiniger and the Symphony Orchestra Biel Solothurn. I have often wished for a chance to sing my songs with an Orchestra so I am seriously excited about doing so this summer. What an honor!

I visited Holland in April and joined the Avalanche Quartet for four concerts there. I have been involved in many tribute evenings. The Avalanche Quartets tribute to Leonard Cohen is one of the most beautiful I have seen. They will be coming to Switzerland for two exclusive concerts. I will be joining them at the Natural Sound Open Air in Kiental for the first of those two concerts.

In August I will be doing two concerts with my wonderful Band. Both are in or around Bern. The first will be held in Schloss Holligen and is a co production between Marc Schär and Verein MUX. MUX is an organization that supports the interests of the Deaf. I will discuss the songs extensively with a translator before the concerts and the songs will then be translated into sign language and performed live with me on stage. I am really, really looking forward to this evening. Then we get to play on a farm just outside of Bern. A beautiful place in a beautiful setting.

And then, I will be doing an extreeeemly exclusive duo concert with Wolfgang Zwiauer. In all the years that we have shared the stage we have very seldom sat there, just the two of us. On the rare occasions where this has happened in the past, I have always walked away thinking how special making music with this man is.

In short, I am spoiled! Life is good. Come join me on one of these occasions or on all of them, if you are finding it difficult to choose. All the dates are listed in the concert section.

Have a good week.


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