I am the kind of person who searches for security. You may ask yourself then, why on earth did I make making music my profession!? Well, just because I search for security doesn’t mean it is good for me. For me, creativity often begins where security ends. Music forces me to go out on a limb, to show myself in a way that makes me very vulnerable to criticism. I am not a brave person but I know that my life isn’t about finding something that works and keeping it that way. I believe we are all in a constant state of development and we can either fight against that or try to move with it. 

My musical journey took me away from Ireland and planted me amongst Jazz musicians here in Switzerland. I went from playing folk music to writing pop songs and then on to writing contemporary folk songs for my last two albums, The Long Road Home and Lovesongs. I have never really fit in to a genre. Singer-songwriting has always been the most appropriate term, even though that could mean anything. There isn’t really a box I feel completely at home in. I have never consciously wanted it to be this way. I have just always tried to follow my nose and see where it takes me. 

And now my journey continues. I have said goodbye to my dear friend and fellow colleague of ten years, Samuel Baur and to my dear friend Stefanie Aeschlimann and have decided to take the next inevitable turn in the road and see where it leads. 

So, what lays in store for you people in 2018? Will what I am up to now be very different to what I have done on my last two albums? Will the album reflect my Irishness? What will my concerts sound like? Well, these questions are difficult to answer because everyone has their own opinion and method of measurement. What I can tell you is that I will have two people at my side, Wolfgang Zwiauer and Tom Etter. I can tell you that I have written songs, some of which are ballads, all of which have been influenced by my love of folk music in general, be that Irish, English or American. I can tell you that we have taken a lot of time and care in putting these songs together. I can tell you that the songs you will hear are warm, unpretentious and made with a lot of dedication, devotion and passion for music. I can tell you that whilst writing the lyrics to this collection of songs, I tried to be as honest as possible. I tried to capture and ask the major questions that hang in the air above us all. I tried to share my opinions and my views on life making myself, in my opinion, more vulnerable than ever before. You will hear a selection of guitars; baritones, westerns, nylon, Mandocello, Bass, Vocals, Background Vocals and maybe even a little Bodhrán, here and there. 

But, in the end, the only way you are going to find out if you still like what I am doing is to come along to a concert and listen for yourself and/or (preferably and!!) order a copy of the CD (or LP, if Wolfgang has his way!) as soon as it is available in October.  

I will be there waiting for you.



May, 2017 | ONE RIVER VOICES 2017

I grew up in ‘80’s Ireland listening to the songs of Paul Brady and Christy Moore, both of whom often told stories of Irish emigrants who weren’t all as lucky as I have been. I remember it seemed to me back then as if young people were leaving the country in floods, all in search of a better life and all willing to work hard for it. I also remember that many returned. ‘You can’t live without love, without love, alone’, wrote Jimmy McCarthy. The Irish have built cities all over the world but despite this huge accomplishment, many have also experienced what it means to feel unwanted in a foreign country. For many years, wewere the refugees of Europe.


Although ClíodhnaNí Aodáin and I both moved to Switzerland within a few years of each other (she arrived in ‘98, me in ’91) it tookuntil 2014 forour paths to finally crossed. Clíodhna is both a teacher and performer of classical cello and conducts two Orchestras in Bern, Switzerland, where we both live. I am a contemporary singer-songwriter and vice president of MSS, an organization dedicated to helping working musicians survive in today’s music climate. It wasn’t until I invited Clíodhna to play on the recordings of my last Album in 2015, that we finally got to work together and our friendship began to evolve.


When I hear the words ‘Syrian refugees’ my heart aches and a deep feeling of helplessness is released within me. So, when Clíodhnacame to my home in late January of this year with tears in her eyes after hearing about the travel bans against Muslims that had been announced that morning in the USA and a need to ‘DO’ something, I was more than ready to get creative. She had the idea that we would invite people from as many different nations and religions as possible, to come together in song. Over several cups of tea, we worked on a plan to make that happen. Our vision was to gather 200 people who would spend a day together, learn and record a song, have lunch and make a simple video of our shared experiences that we would then send out into the world as a message of unity, respect, tolerance and love, ‘One River Voices’, was born.


‘One River Voices’ is a project that was just waiting to happen. Within a month, we had a team of over 40 professional musicians, technicians, camera men, editors, drone pilots, photographers, caterers, graphic designers and helpers, all willing to give their time and resources to this project, for free. We recorded the music and my vocal to a song I wrote‘One River’ and Clíodhna arranged and conducted the music and recordings for strings. We printed flyers and started to spread the word. 


‘I am a voice’


The power of music and song never ceases to amaze me and I know Clíodhna feels the same.When people come together to make music, language, culture, bias and fear are all replaced with a feeling of togetherness. On May 7th2017 over 350 people from 40 nations joined us to celebrate human diversity through music. It was an incredibly moving event and everyone present was transformed by the experience. People were reminded that they have a voice and can use it to have a positive effect in this world. Through music, the true potential of a human-race that respects diversity and tolerates the unknown, becomes obvious. We were all reminded of this on May 7thand the two videos that were made have already gone onto remind thousands more. 


Our hope is that people will be inspired tocreate their own ‘One River Voices’ experience, be it at a local pub, community center or around a kitchen table. We have created the www.onerivervoices.com homepage where the score, lyrics and individual playback tracks are all available for download, free of charge. We are asking people to make a video of their event, big or small, send it to us and we will release it on our homepage and via Social Media.Already, people from Germany, France and England have made their own videos and bands from Senegal and Finland, amongst others, are working on versions, too. 


The fear propaganda with which we are constantly confronted often makes us forget that we, as human beings, all have the same basic needs; we all love our children and we all want to feel safe, no matter what our ethnic or religious background is. No one person has a higher claim on basic human rights, than another. ‘One River Voices’ has so far given hundreds of people a platform to proclaim their belief in a future where walls are not built, but broken down. 

January 2017 | MURICHOR 2017

If a few years ago you had told me that I would one day be asked to conduct a choir I would have laughed in your face. I haven’t a clue how to conduct a choir. I can’t read music and have no training whatsoever. This fact didn’t deter Philippe Stalder, a Pastor for the Reformed Church in Muri, from asking me if I would be up to the job. When he called I considered hanging up on him, feigning a bad connection. You see, I don’t believe in coincidence. If a request like this comes my way I am pretty sure it is because there is something to be learned, some mountain that needs to be climbed, problem that needs to be addressed. Does that mean I always want to climb that mountain? No, absolutely not but, more often than not, I bow to the challenge and see where it takes me. 

I said yes and took on the job of within nine weeks, teaching a group of 50 people a selection of songs with two public performances planned at the end of our time together. 

I think that directing a choir is one of the most exhausting tasks I have ever had to face. The singers were wonderful, great craic and we had a total blast but I would come home from the rehearsals and just fall in to bed. The gigs were a great experience, for one and all. 

I always say that I grew up in Catholic Ireland but didn’t manage to get through it unharmed. I have had a lot of problems with the church in the past. It doesn’t matter to me which one it is, Catholic or Protestant, to name just two. People like to belong and I sometimes find that the church takes advantage of this, to name one of many problems I can see.

My experiences with the choir and the Pastors in Muri have helped me to revise my views about these institutions. Over the past few years I have come in to contact with Pastors and Priests again and again and have to say that there are a lot of people out their working hard to force the necessary evolutionary step the church needs to take. I like being a part of this movement. I like singing with a choir of 50 people in a church and then sitting down in a Pew, having a glass of whiskey and something to eat. I like that there are a lot of people out there who want the doors to our church’s to be open for everyone, religious or not. 

It is a good thing. I am grateful for the experience.


Theater Rigiblick is situated close to the Zurich Zoo. Since the unrelenting Daniel Rohr took over the program, they have dedicated many of their events to so-called Tributes, Tribute to Bruce Springsteen, to Sting, to Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan…Ach, the list is long. I have had the pleasure of being invited to take part in the Springsteen and the Dylan evenings. What makes them special is that you not only get to listen to their music, performed by a house band and a selection of singers each evening but you also get to hear a little about the lives of these people. Daniel tells their stories, where they come from and how they got to where they are today. 

Sometimes I get the feeling that everything I do is about me. It does me good to have to learn songs from other writers, read their lyrics and get to know how other songwriters work. 

I am grateful for the experience, one that doesn’t seem to want to end. We play both the Springsteen and the Dylan Tributes on a regular basis and they always seem to sell out. Must be good….




Once a year, the wonderful Klangantrisch Festival takes place in the beautiful setting of the hills of Rigisberg and this year they invited me to join them. It is a classical music festival that dedicates one evening to crossover music. Tinu Heiniger, Wolfgang Zwiauer and myself were asked to join the one and only Kaspar Zehnder (conductor) and the Biel-Solothurn Symphony Orchestra on the Friday night, and what a night it was!

I have often wondered what it would be like to hear my music arranged for and played by classical musicians and when the chance arose, I jumped on it. I wasn’t prepared for how orchestras work. We had one rehearsal! One rehearsal!! Apparently, this is totally normal. For them maybe, but not for me. I was prepared to make a total shambles of the rehearsal but I did surprisingly well (if you don’t count me breaking in to silent tears when I heard the arrangement for the intro to ‘Waltz of life’). Having 40 musicians dedicate time to my music had a very profound effect on me. I am a self-made musician, have only had a few guitar classes in my life. I have been around long enough to know that music can come from anywhere and that there is no one definition of the word ‘musician’ but that feeling of incompetence arose again after many years of hiding as soon as I entered a room full of people who have ‘officially’ studied music. I have to say that I am pretty sure that I was the only one who was passing judgement. It didn’t take long for me to feel safe in this setting.

The concerts were a great experience, the audience so grateful and the whole event a true success.

I am one lucky woman.


Shirley Grimes  

23-01-2015 | LOVESONGS

Before a new production is given a name by me, it is given a number. This CD was called CD7 for a very long time. It took quite a while for the name to come. I tell a lie, it took a long time for me to share the real name of the production with the world. LOVESONGS is a title that can be easily misinterpreted. But I have faith that it wont be.
The making of this Album was not easy, but then again it never is. I hope that we have managed to tell the story I wanted and needed to tell in a way that is easy for you to listen to. I think we did. In fact, I know we did.
On February 13th we commence our LOVESONGS tour. SAMUEL BAUR, WOLFGANG ZWIAUER, STEFANIE AESCHLIMANN AND MYSELF will be playing our songs for the first time in the Bären Münchenbuchsee.
Hope to see you all then.


Die «Songs of Freedom Tour» ist eine Hommage an Leben und Werk von James Connolly, dem irischen, revolutionären Sozialisten und Gewerkschaftsführer. Er wurde für seine Rolle im Osteraufstand 1916 von den britischen Besatzern hingerichtet. Als Herausgeber publizierte er 1907 in New York das «Songs of Freedom Songbook», das sich an die amerikanische Arbeiterklasse richtete. Das Original von 1907 war fast hundert Jahre verschollen. Dieses Liederbuch ist gleichzeitig eine Sammlung von aufwühlenden Revolutionsliedern und ein äusserst lebendiges Zeitdokument. Die aktuelle CD der «James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band» bietet einen zeitgenössischen Zugang zur nach wie vor packenden Lyrik von Connolly. Connolly selbst war überzeugt, dass die Musik mehr als alles andere den Kampfgeist der Unterdrückten wecken kann. Wir freuen uns, mit euch die Neuausgabe des «James Connolly Songs of Freedom Songbook» und die neue CD «Songs of Freedom» zu feiern!
Mat Callahan: guitar – vocals

Mat Callahan: vocals

Alan Burke: guitar – vocals

Yvonne Moore: vocals

Shirley Grimes: vocals

Joe McHugh: uillean pipes – whistles

Stefanie Aeschlimann: fiddle

David Brühlmann: Bodhran - vocals

20-09-2013 | PURE JOYCE

I am happy to say that I will be trying my hand at acting this coming Autumn. 'Pure Joyce' will be staged in October and November 2013. I will be performing this piece directed by Johannes Glarner and inspired by the great works of James Joyce with two wonderful people, Rob Kloet and Stevie Kollmuss.

Don't let your knowledge (or lack) of the english language stop you from joining us. Most people don't understand Joyce anyway. Most of us have bought his books but have we ever actually read them? This is one of the questions the play addresses. I think it will be fun.


02-04-2013 | what the future holds in store

I know I say this everytime but I really must be one of the worst homepage owners. I don't feel bad about it. I have grown to accept it. When you compare it to how I look after my facebook account then I am actually doing quite well (I have something like 130 friend requests pending an answer). Anyway, what does it all matter in the end.

I have been busy, very busy. The past two years have been a real experience. They have been filled with some great highs and some terrible lows. What would one be without the other? I am very grateful for all the wonderful experiences that I have had with the band, with the audiences, with the promoters.  We had mostly sold out venues throughout our extended tour. That is good for the heart and good for the soul.

But this is the news section so I suppose I should write about the future and not about the past. Well, there are a couple of lights in the future. On April 28th I play my last concert with my band. I had planned to take a well deserved break but will probably not get around to that until Summer. I have been asked to take part in a musical theatre production called 'Pure Joyce' and intend on doing so. This is due to be staged in November 2013. Everything else is quite fuzzy and not yet ripe for this section. 

I will write again when I know more. (whoever believes it.....)



17-10-2012 |

Oh yes, discipline isn't one of my strengths. Not as far as updating homepages go. You wouldn't mind but I have so much to say, as many of you may have noticed if you have seen me live on stage...


When we started out on the long road home tour, we had intended to commence the tour in November 2011 and complete it in December 2012. I am so very happy to say that this did not work out. Due to popular demand (and an amazing booker) we have had to extend our Tour into next year. We will play at least another 20 shows in February, March and April of 2013. Which is really the best kind of news you can get if you have a band like I do....


We have 8 shows left this year. We play a full show for the first time in Zurich on this tour. We visit one of my favorite corners of switzerland, Wallis and play the Kellertheatre there. Then we head to Erlach (a beautiful place I have never played) and Frick (a station I haven't visited in many years). Before we return home to Bern and play the World Cafe. I have never been there, to be honest. I am looking forward to trying something new in Bern. I don't often get the chance...Visit the Concert section to get all the details of these gigs and of the others in 2012


We have a new fiddle player!!! Karin Widmer, who joined us on the last leg of the tour and is a wonderfully talented illustrator, has been forced to stop due to how well her career as an illustrator is going. It was great to tour with Karin. We had some wonderful moments on stage and left a trail of guestbooks to die for, behind. Stefanie Aeschlimann will join us on the next leg of the tour. I have known Stefanie for many years and am looking forward to sitting beside her on stage. She will enrich our evenings with the fiddle and button accordion (one of my favorite instruments, by the way).


I have two special solo performances in January 2013. The first is at a 'Abendmusik' in Muri on January 11th with Philippe Stalder. Philippe is the priest in Muri where he once held one of the most touching religious ceremonies I have ever been a part of. I am looking forward to sharing an evening of music and words with him. More details later....


The second solo performance isn't even really a solo performance. My friends Hendrix Ackle and Adrian Stern host an evening they call 'The song circle' in the Stanzerei in Baden on the last wednesday of every month. They invite a couple of artists to talk and play music with them. Werner Bodinek and myself will be spending the evening with Hendrix and Adrian on January 30th. Something else to look forward to.


Well, I think thats it. Its enough!! I have posters to send to promoters, lunches to cook for wonderful little people and songs to write for wonderful big ones.


All the best



04-04-2012 | THANK YOU!!

For all the mails, the guestbook entries and above all, the support that the band and I have had the wonderful pleasure of receiving throughout our winter/ spring tour 2011/12, I would like to thank you all. We had an absolutely wonderful time with all of you....

Hope to see you soon, again



15-11-2011 | OFF TO A GOOD START

Well, dear people, we got off to a great start. We have had a few great concerts over the past couple of weeks and are looking forward to what the next batch will bring. I am very touched by the general reaction towards the CD and towards our live performances. Check out some of the comments from some musician friends of mine in the 'home' section. Or, better still, come to a concert and post your own comment in my guestbook!!

take care, shirley

12-10-2011 |






23-08-2011 | New Album out soon

I am a terrible news person. I mean, it is not as if nothing has happened in the past year. Lots has happened!!! I wrote a lot of new songs. I met several new musicians. I recorded a whole new album. I went through the whole bureaucratic ordeal of releasing a c.d. (That is the part where my hair falls out!!) And from November onwards, I will be on the road with three (or sometimes four) musicians playing contemporary- and even some traditional folk music, expressing my love of american Folk, telling a joke or two. For the first time in my life, I will be the oldest person on the shirley grimes stage.

Come along. I will tell you all the news at a concert.....

31-12-2010 | bye bye 2010

Well, it is nearly over. In just about 9 hours time. It was a good year, 2010. But, to be perfectly honest, I am glad to see the back of it. Roll on 2011. I get to make a cd in 2011!!! And that is only one of the many things I am looking forward to.What about you?



02-04-2010 | San Francisco and then Ireland

Hello all

Well, last year was a great one and this one holds many little jewels too. For example, I am presently touring with Mat Callahan's San Francisco. A collective of great musicians and singers get together to tell the stories that Mat has to tell about life in his home town of San Francisco. These days, when it seems to be getting more and more difficult to keep a band up and running, Mat is one of the few people on the road that has two background vocalists. They are normally the first to go when the budget gets tight. Yvonne Moore and myself have landed this wonderful job. I love doing background vocals. You get to go on stage without the huge responsibility of a front man or woman. The gigs are listed in the Calender.


The second big new thing for me this year are a few gigs that are coming up in Autumn with a traditional Irish quartett. It has been many years since I toured with Irish music and I am really looking forward to singing some old treasures from the Irish traditional song collection. 

 There is a third major project planned for this year. I am not quite sure if it is going ahead. Will let you know as soon as I know.

In between there are a few projects happening. I will be out doing a few gigs with the Song Circus again, which is always fun and inspiring. I think there are about four shows planned so be there!!! I am also doing a couple of spots with Trummer and band. Trummer is a very special guy for me. I love to stand on stage beside him and am looking forward to doing that twice this coming summer.


Life as a musician is great, really. There are so many things to look forward to this year. There could be more but, then again, this is an 'off' year. I should, in fact be forming a new band and writing new songs. But I have some time left yet. Let there be no panic.



12-06-2009 | Whats next?

There are seveal interesting projects planned for this year. For example I will be recording a new album with Simon Ho this coming summer, due for release in Autumn. We also have a couple of gigs in the Summer. Then I am due to start work on my own Album.  On August 15th I will be guest at a kind of song circus type of event with Trummer, Valeska Steiner, Nadj Stoller (really looking forward to working with her), Adi Weyermann. Then there are a few gigs with the insiders and at the end of the year I will be performing with the NMS choir here in Bern. Never a dull moment......




03-04-2009 | THE SONG CIRCUS

Between the 15th and the 24th of April the SONG CIRCUS will be touring Switzerland. The Song Circus is Coal and his Band featuring Pink Pedrazzi, Chris Wicky, Heidi Happy, Marco Zappa, Valeska Steiner and myself. Venues are listed under concerts. THE SONG CIRCUS CD is also available at the shows or at www.cede.ch.

09-12-2008 | Coming to an end

Well, sweet rain is nearly a year old. We have toured with these songs all through the year and have had an absolutely wonderful time doing so. The Band have been in great form and the crowds have been great. Thanks to everybody involved. At the end of January we will stop touring. It is time to get back to the drawing board and start work on some new songs which should inevitably lead to a new cd. I will be doing some special concerts next year. Simon Ho and I will be doing several duo concerts. Voice and Piano. We play duo versions of many of Simon's songs. It is intense and very special in a beautiful way. Well worth seeing. Then in March I will be doing a few trio gigs with Joe and Wolf. It is St. Patricks day on the 17th and we will be playing around that event. In April I have two very special gigs with a choir of 140 people. We will perform some old traditional songs and some of my songs which have been adapted for choir. I am really looking forward to this. You can see me on stage with Coal, Valeska, Heidi Happy, Marco Zappa and many more in April with the 'songs circus'. This is a special songwriters tour that Coal and his band are behind. This is also a one off and well worth seeing. Then the year continues with many more special concerts and things to look forward to. I will keep you informed.

Thanks for your support over the last year. It makes all the difference.



04-07-2008 | Artists for Tibet

Don't forget to come and join us at the Bundesplatz in Bern on Sunday. There we will meet up with the 'young gods', 'mich gerber', 'gilbert paeffgen' and many, many more to play some music for tibet. Here is a copy of a mail that I received last week. It is a mail that was written to all the people involved in the 'swiss artists for tibet' event from his Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

I am pleased to learn that 'Swissartists4Tibet' are organizing
  an open-air concert on 6 July in Bern in support of the Tibetan cause
  and to create greater awareness of the situation in Tibet.

  I appreciate the widespread interest in the concern for the plight
  of Tibetans in all sectors of society in Switzerland. This concert by
  well-known musicians is an evidence of this and I thank you for it.

  Many artists and singers have supported the cause of the Tibetan
  people in the past and they continue to do so. These artists also
  include Chinese. I appreciate this very much. The support of the
  artists for the cause of the Tibetan people is a strong and clear
  indication that in the Tibetan people's struggle they see the
  universal principles of human dignity and justice which we all cherish.

  As you might be aware, Switzerland was the first country in Europe
  in the early 1960s to accept some Tibetans for resettlement. Today,
  the community has grown in number, and I am pleased that they have
  been very successful.

  It may not be out of place to take this opportunity to state once
  again that we are not seeking separation from China. We remain
  committed to finding a solution to the problem of Tibet within the
  framework of the constitution of the People's Republic of China and
  through the path of non-violence. I would also like to reiterate my
  support for China's right to host the forthcoming Olympics in Beijing.

  In conclusion, I would again like to express my deep gratitude to
  you, the musicians, organizers and others, including those attending
  this Concert. May all of you enjoy the evening.

  With prayers and good wishes,


11-04-2008 | Another Van Video

Sam keeps on surprising me. He put up another youtube video that he made on the sly. Both videos have had thousands of clicks. Go give us another one....

11-04-2008 | Want to buy a CD?

Many people have asked me where they can buy the new cd. There are only a few shops that have the cd on sale in Switzerland. Chop records, which is temporarily an online shop, is one of them. And Krompolz in Bern.  Zig Zag records in Thun are also on the list as well as Media Markt in Lyssach. Our main supplier in Switzerland is www.cede.ch. One of our favorite partners is the Kiosk on Burgernziel in Bern. The guy who owns this Kiosk is great. He sells everything. EVERYTHING. Even our cd!!

If you are living in Germany you have two options. Either you come to the Van Morrisson gigs in Berlin and buy a cd there and then or you order it through my homepage. I will send it directly. With an autograph.

Orders from Ireland, England and everywhere else must go through me at info@shirleygrimes.com 


11-04-2008 | 71 involved

71 involved is a project that was called to life this time last year by Thomas Hofer. He invited Simon Ho to arrange some of his songs for choir and instrumentalists from the school. Special guests are Andi Hug, Simon and myself. To tell you the truth though, the choir are the real special guests. It is always an honour to sing infront of so many voices. If you have heard the Ho Orchestra or the Wintersongs project then you MUST come along. Many of these songs will be performed with the choir.

11-04-2008 | Music Night

Emel, Tatana and I were invited to come to Music Night and talk about our music but also about 'integration' in Switzerland. Swiss TV has had integration as its main theme all week, for those of you who didn't know. It is always nice to visit Dani. His room is MUCH smaller than it looks!!!!

31-03-2008 | Radio Fribourg

On Wednesday morning - interview with me on Radio Fribour between 7.30 and 9am and 1 and 2pm. Great radio. Check it out.



03-03-2008 | Tongue Tied live

We promised some people that we would load a live version of Tongue Tied on to the net. Sam idid that last night. It should be up today. Give it a listen. The Frankfurt version turned out even better than the Cologne one. Enjoy, shirley

03-03-2008 | Video footage from Germany

On Friday and Saturday the 29th of February and the 1st of March we managed to record a few scenes from our trip to Cologne and Frankfurt. We had so much fun. Frankfurt was so windy that the train had to stop for a while and let the storm pass. Darren just finished work on a quick video. Go and see it on youtube. There are lots of old and new clips there, waiting to be rated. (Highly!!!) sincerely shirley

21-02-2008 | Radio BE1 Friday 22nd, 15.30

Just got home from an interview with Radio BE1. Nice people. New and old faces. The interview will be broadcast tomorrow, friday the 22nd at 15:40. Give it a listen. cheers. shirley

20-02-2008 | Radio BE1

Hello all. Tomorrow, thursday the 21st of February, 2008, I have an interview on Radio BE1 in Bern at 10 in the morning. I don't know if it is live, to be perfectly honest. All I know is that I will be there then, with my guitar to play for you and to talk about the new album and my life as a non rock star. And if you miss that then tune in on Saturday to CH special.

04-02-2008 | CH SPECIAL ON DRS 3

On Saturday the 23rd of February, I will be on DRS 3's CH special. Tune in and have a listen.

01-02-2008 | New CD - New Homepage

Well hello all. February has arrived and brought with it our new cd, our new homepage, our new myspace site and the start of our spring/summer/winter tour 2008. We will be on the road throughout the year. Concerts will be posted as soon as they are finalized and those of you who sign up for a newsletter will be newslettered monthly.


This time around I have decided not to run with a record company. This time around I have decided to release the cd myself with the help of a great promotion company ‘DAS OFFICE’. The new and old c.d.’s are only available in a few selected shops. Otherwise they can be ordered through www.cede.ch, through me or through www.cdbaby.com.


In order for us to reach a wider audience, we are, to a certain degree, dependent on radio stations. If you could contact one of your local radio stations and send them a mail with a request for one of our songs, they will be obliged to play it. This will help inform them of our existence. Please help us out with this. It helps us to reach a wide audience and it helps prevent the radio stations from playing mainstream music all the time.


Ok, well enjoy yourselves. Have a look around, have a listen and leave a note on your way out.